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hey car (Mobility Trader)

'Since 2020, Mr. Sander has been supporting us time and again with his expertise in a wide variety of market research projects. His methodical know-how and experience are of great value to us in both strategic (e.g. consumer segmentation/persona creation) and short-term projects (e.g. design tests and trend measurements).' Claus P. Heinrich (Head of Brand Marketing)

TTR Group

'In 2017, Mr. Sander supported us professionally in the rollout of an international customer experience project with an NPS approach for internal and external coordination. We've been enjoying working with Mr. Sander for many years; he quickly becomes familiar with new and complex topics and has a confident, professional manner. We are already looking forward to our next joint project.' Barbara Demilio (CEO)


'Mr. Sander integrated himself into the loyalty team after quick and independent training and provided valuable support as a senior consultant for more than three months. Prudence, flexibility and commitment were the hallmarks of his work. We can fully recommend the cooperation with Mr. Sander.' Martin Hellich (Director Ipsos Loyalty)

SRH University Berlin

'Since 2012, Carsten Sander has been a guest lecturer for the Master study programme Executive MBA Healthcare Management at the SRH University. He made an impression on hiscolleagues as well as on his students with his professionalism, profound knowledge and open-minded, convincing personality.’ Prof. Dr. Franz Hessel (Degree Programme Director)

TNS Infratest

'We especially want to emphasize that during a difficult international business environment, Mr. Sander was able to motivate the Panel Management department employees not only to accept the new European company structures, but also to actively take part in designing the necessary changes. In general, we found Mr. Sander to be a very committed and competent person. He skillfully and cautiously supervised the group. In a similar situation we would definitely appreciate his services again.' Oliver Champion (Head of Production)


'When managing several international projects, Mr. Sander has impressed us by way of his focussed, independent and efficient approach to work. His knowledge of statistics and his conceptual skills in processing research surveys made him a valuable addition to our company.' Andreas Schindler (Head of International Market Research)


'We always enjoy working together with Mr. Sander because with all the professionalism he exhibits in everything that he does, he is also always an integral part of our team. The objectives that we set in our projects are always common objectives, and it is simply a pleasure producing good work together with him.' Jürgen Hirsch (Management Director)


'We absolutely recommend co-operation with Mr. Sander to marketing decision makers. Due to his industry knowledge as well as deep methodological knowledge and high flexibility, he delivers fast and reliably accurately fitting solutions to business challenges.' Michael Heine (Management Director & Partner)

WebXF Web Excellence Forum / IQMresults

'We work together with Carsten Sander since 2007. We emphatically recommend him and his benefits. He captivates by his methodological competences proven in many projects and by his expertise when facing most varied challenges.' Christian Bachem (Management Director)

infas TTR

'We have gladly worked together with Mr. Sander for a number of years now. From his purposeful concept design to his impressive results presentation, Mr. Sander always carries out his projects with precision.' Reinhard Potzner (Management Director)

Hirsch & Sachs

"During the difficult times of restructuring and reorganisation within our company, Mr. Sander gave us his invaluable support in formulating the methods and procedures needed for our employee surveys. This enabled us to quickly identify important indicators in employee satisfaction and to devise appropriate plans of action." Management Director of Hirsch & Sachs GmbH

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

We have worked very well together. Excellent teamwork.” Dr. Ralf Vonberg

Market Research & Services

In particular, it should be emphasised that Mr. Sander very quickly understands interrelated subject matter and can also formulate it with absolute precision. To do so, his excellent analytical skills and also his systematic approach to work stand him in very good stead.” Dr. Michaela Kunze (Management Director)

Leipzig Fair

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Georg-Elias-Müller-Institut für Psychologie

Careful attention to detail, a sense of responsibility, and a willingness to cooperate are key aspects of his style of working.” Prof. Dr. Birgit Kröner-Herwig (Head of Clinical Research)

Kallisto Webservices

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Universität Kassel

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