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What is ‘Starbreed Assessment’?

'Starbreed Assessment' is a tool for personnel selection, especially for middle management, which combines the strengths of assessment centre, business game and role-playing game. The result is a one-day strategy game, which is played against each other in specially designed rooms. Throughout the entire time, each player's behavior is filmed and thereafter systematically evaluated using behavioural anchor coding.

Why playing?

In a job interview or in short communication exercises, the candidate tries to maintain an image that he would like to convey. This is detrimental to the validity of the measurement of properties and communication style. By involving the candidates in a challenging game, the focus of attention is shifted from self-presentation to winning the game. In this way, strategic skills and communication style under stressful circumstances are made observable.

What exactly happens?

Each player takes over the leadership of an alien race, which he can design from a set of features and technology advantages at the beginning of the game. In separate workspaces, players have to plan their moves and enter them on the laptop, into the browser frontend of Starbreed - always keeping the game goal in mind: Becoming chairman of the 'Intergalactic Council' and thus win the game. This is followed by many phases of strategic planning, weighing and testing in the face of partly non-transparent rules as well as changing impact factors and algorithms. Every Starbreed game is different. In order not to be left out, one must cultivate diplomacy. This is aggravated by the spatial separation of the players, who can exchange messages in the chat, but can only visit each other on their home worlds (their personal workspaces) in order to negotiate and plan together once they had real contact in space before. Every 10 rounds, elections are held and the game ends when a majority of the 'Intergalactic Council' agreed upon its chairperson. How to achieve this goal is up to the players and their strategy.

What is measured?

Almost 40 traits and abilities (or their absence) can be observed during the game. Roughly speaking, the focus is on strategic and communicative competencies that again can be subdivided: Strategy
  • Target orientation
  • Networked thinking
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Versatility
  • Implementation orientation
  • Briefing competence
  • Coordination ability
  • Conflict ability

‘Starbreed Assessment’ in my company

The initial development of 'Starbreed Assessment' has been completed, but so far there is a lack of experience in the practical implementation (recording technique, usability of the behavioral anchor protocols, efficiency and acceptance of individual dramaturgical elements to intensify the immersion). If you are interested in using 'Starbreed Assessment' for your company, this would start with a pilot study. Of course,'Starbreed Assessment' can also be adapted to your needs in the medium term as part of a cooperation. For enquiries please click here.